Greetings and thanks for stopping by my website, Dusty Dreams – Music for Life’s Journey, Music for the Soul!


Thanks for dropping by my website and Happy Summer to you!  I actually can't believe how fast this year is going...I have been working on some new music these past couple of months, and hope to get more time over the summer to really get time in the studio to flesh some of it out!


With everything I've gone through this past year and half it's been a time of real personal growth and struggle for me - breast cancer treatment that fully ended about a month ago, and eveything is great there as all tests show the BC is in total remission - fantastic news and I want to thank everyone who has been thinking, praying and just helping me in whatever way they could!  I have been truly humbled by going through it all.

The tougher part of my recent journey is that my Rheumatoid Arthritis has come roaring back into my life these days so I'm dealing with trying to get that under control again. I feel drawn to work on new music that is both healing, relaxing and invigorating!  I keep coming up with more 'symphonic' type music with stronger melodies than I've had in the past (some work in some great composition books over the past couple months have really helped there!) and somehow I think it may all work against some really great electronic beats and rhythms, so that's where I'm kind of leaning for my next album.

We'll see how the journey progresses over the next couple of months as I start to dedicate myself to the next album.  I hope you have a great summer and I'll post again later this summer with some news on the album progress....

Peace, Love and Joy to you always:),