Greetings and thanks for stopping by my website, Dusty Dreams – Music for Life’s Journey, Music for the Soul! 

I can't believe that 2015 is nearing to an end all ready, but I hope your year has been a good one. I have been fairly busy this year with learning lots of great song ideas and music business insights such as at the REO Songwriting Camp in British Columbia this summer.  I have also been learning some new music studio capabilities and tools and running some workshops on using tools like I have been a little slower than I had hoped on getting the next album done, so that's looking like a 2016 project at this point.  Still working on blending a combination of New Age and Ambient electronic melodies so I'll post progress as it occurs here over the next so many months.

You can listen to all of my previous albums and collaborations here on the website, so I hope you enjoy the music and take a listen.  I hope you have a GREAT holiday season that isn't so busy and frantic that you can actually get a chance to enjoy the season and all the wonder and blessings it holds....Happy Holidays and all the best to you in the New Year :)


Peace and Love always,